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Christian Lendl

I’m a filmmaker, photographer and multimedia engineer in Vienna, Austria. I hold a MSc in Media Computer Science from the Vienna University of Technology and a BA in History from the University of Vienna.

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Christian Lendl
Bletchley Park

About this book

The content of this book was initially published as a seminar paper for the course „Britain and Global Warfare 1914-1918, 1939-1945“, lectured by Dr. Finbarr McLoughlin at the University of Vienna in 2012. I wanted to make more out of this seminar paper and decided to publish it – I always wanted to publish a book (even if it’s just a small one). As a real „nerd“, I had to do all the versions: print, eBook and audiobook.

The audiobook is read by Peter Baker. He’s an awesome voiceover artist – great voice, fast and professional.


Do you like the book?

Have you found any errors/typos or phrases that are bad English (I’m not a native speaker, therefore some phrases might be in need of improvement)?

Did you notice any bugs in the ebook versions (this is my first project, so i might have overlooked something when creating the ibooks, mobi and ePUB versions)

Please send me an email at christian [ät] bletchleypark [døt] at.