German radio message

If you like real books and would like to have a printed version of this book in your bookshelf, this is the place to be! The printed version has a compact format (240x170mm) and is printed in Austria on premium quality paper.

This is the only version that is not for free. Why? Because of the printing costs. As I don’t have any publisher (you are a publisher and think I’m cool? Contact me!), I have to take care of the print process by myself (and can only order small editions, because my budget is limited). The price reflects pretty much the printing costs, just rounded up (no need to shout „profiteering“ here).

The price for a printed copy is EUR 10,–.

Currently all copies of the first edition have been sold. But there will be a second edition soon! Drop me an email to christian [àt] bletchleypark [døt] at, if you would like to pre-order a copy.